All you need is love (and ice cream)

August 07, 2018

All you need is love (and ice cream)

Here in Ontario as the summer days melt into August, the temperatures have been hovering around a heat wave. I don’t know about you, but my family has been cooling off at the lake (and in case you have forgotten how adorbs a one year old looks in a swimsuit and bucket hat with those chubby rolls on his legs, it is too precious!).  Oh and ice cream isn't too bad either!

Two Sweet

The summer months of July and August traditionally have the highest number of birthdays!  How about that? So if you are celebrating a special two-year old’s special day this coming month, that is just “two sweet!”

pink and mint ice cream birthday toppers

Be creative with this and have fun with it. Use your favorite cupcake recipe with creamy whipped icing in your celebration colors, and be sure to add these sparkly  cupcake toppers  and  ice cream cones.

ice-cream cone cupcake toppers in pink, mint and gold

If you wanted to continue the ice-cream theme you could make a sundae bar with a variety of creamy goodness and your favorite toppings including crumbled cookies, chopped candies, lots of sweets, gooey syrups, sprinkles, and of course whipped cream! The cupcake toppers could be used as accents along the toppings bar as festive decorations.

Now if you're one of those healthy mamas, try topping the sundaes with some fresh fruit. Ice cream and fruit create a perfectly balanced meal right?

Ice cream and fruit

We All Scream For Ice Cream

While ice cream is certainly yummy any time of year, there is just something nostalgic about those cold cones on a hot summer day when you frantically try to lick the melting drips before they make their way down your arm!  So I started thinking, as any party planning mamma would do.

A homemade ice cream cake would be a delicious treat for any celebration - whether a birthday, summer family reunion, or a potluck. Could you even imagine what a show-stopper you would be with this Pinterest-worthy cake, topped with one of Sugar Crush Co’s newest designs.We all scream for ice cream pink, gold and aqua

If you need a great recipe for home-made ice cream cake, Faith Durrand shared this one on her blog at The Kitchn

Homemade Ice cream cake

As always, our Sugar Crush Co sparkly card stock is available in a variety of colors to match any party decor, so you can accent with soft ice cream parlour pastels, retro 50’s colors, or tropical brights. Check out our cake toppers for your little one's birthday and contact us if you would like something custom!

I always love to see photos of the products from your events, and am excited to feature our customers in upcoming blogs. Message me at to participate.

Until next time friends!

Quinn Owner + Designer Sugar Crush CO

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