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Luck is Homemade

March 13, 2018 2 Comments

Luck is Homemade

I don’t know about you, but this time of year always starts to make me feel a little giddy inside. The days are starting to get ever so slightly longer, the spring flowers are starting to peek out from their cold winter slumber, temperatures are warming up (well, not so much here in Canada), and we get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Colorful rainbows, pots of gold, shamrocks, and good luck sprinkled in for measure. It’s really one of my favourite holidays!

What’s Luck Got to Do with It?

Psychologists have noted when people are prompted to reflect on their own good fortune; they become happier, and much more willing to contribute to the common good. And who doesn’t want more of that? We get busy in our day to day lives, and it’s sometimes challenging to stop and smell the Irish Potatoes. So what’s a mamma to do?

I loved the idea of the Happiness Jar when Elizabeth Gilbert first shared about it in her book Eat, Pray, Love. The idea is simple. Grab a jar, and each day write down a highlight – something that made you happy, an unexpected smile or joy you experienced. In Elizabeth’s book, she noted this was not a formal practice; it was more important that she DID it. So any envelope corner or handy scrap of paper would do. 

Choose happy with hearts and arrows

Create Your Own Kind of Luck

But you know, that’s not how we do things here at Sugar Crush Co! So I’ve included some adorable free printables to get you started. A jar label and some adorable, lined note cards - perfect for capturing the little things that bring us so much joy. 

Happiness Jar with printable labels

Happiness Jar Free Printable

Choose from 3 adorable designs, all available in one easy to download file. Grab a jar, stick your favourite quote on the outside of any jar and start collecting your happy moments. 

Happiness Jar Ideas

A few sweet ideas to start this tradition in your own home or at special celebrations:  

Baby Showers:

Have shower guests write sweet messages for the baby to be, and parents can add special moments to the jar as baby grows. This will be a treasure to read as the little one gets older; especially during those sleepless nights, and the difficult threenager years!

Children's Happiness Jars:

Parents can have happiness jars for each of their littles and fill them with special moments of happiness and joy their children bring them. As a parent, you are probably more than aware your children can have some pretty awful days. At their young age, they just don’t have the world view to keep everything in perspective sometimes. Opening up their own happiness jar can remind them as often as they need how loved and special they really are!

Birthday Parties

Print out extra cards and have them available as part of a birthday celebration, so family and special close friends can write meaningful messages of happiness about the guest of honor. Their memory can be added to the happiness jar to be unwrapped and remembered each year, or anytime!

Anniversary Time Capsule

Couples can enjoy this tradition too, and while all married couples can have their share of stress between work, bills, and raising families, , they need to remember the happiness they share as a couple. How amazing would this be to read at an anniversary celebration?

The Awesome Mom Jar

If you have ah-maze-ing children, you can drop some really good hints that THEY can do a happiness jar and include some of YOUR best moments that you were shining as a mom. What a great thing to read when you have those days you question whether you are doing a good job as a parent. Hey Dads out there - what a great gift for a mom on Mother's Day!

Traditional Happiness Jar

Of course you can always use the traditional Happiness Jar idea and just add to it daily, including those special ordinary moments. Just make sure to look for them every day.

My Happiness Jar

Bonus Tip:

We are more likely to stick to new habits when we associate them with habits we already have in place. So for example, if you want to remember to add to your jar each day, associate it with a ritual in place such as having your evening tea or tucking everyone in at night. This way you are less likely to forget.

Download the free printables and start collecting!

Free Printables

“For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way.

Good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day.” - Irish Blessings

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March 14, 2018

You are awesome! Love this idea, I’m starting today! Thank you!! ???

Mary-alice Beneteau
Mary-alice Beneteau

March 13, 2018

Great blog! Love the idea of a happiness jar. I’m going to try it. Capturing moments of happiness each day gives you a chance to reflect on what’s really important.
I tried the 100 days of happiness photo essay last year. It’s really fun to scroll through those pictures this year!

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