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My Baby Turned One

June 12, 2018

My Baby Turned One

Oh my, where did the last year go?  It truly seems like yesterday that Caley and I were headed to the hospital to have our little man, Colin. Come to think of it, we didn't even agree on a name until the nurse asked what she should write on the birth certificate. Colin it was, even Annabelle liked it and that's no easy feat with a 3 year old. Originally I think she wanted to call him Turkey, so I'm really glad that she came around and we could all agree on the name.

I thought that since this was my second time around celebrating my baby's first birthday (the first time with Annabelle), I thought that there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to shed a tear. I tried so hard, and when I finally did crack I tried to keep it from everybody but yup - husband's know us too well. He knew as soon as he saw me that I had been crying! But you can't wallow for long with an Annabelle tornado and a laughing Colin so that only lasted a few moments.

Then it was time to celebrate all of those milestones - my baby is one, and we survived.

Celebrate with a Cake Smash

When you make cake toppers for a living, it is really hard to not celebrate with a cake smash. And friends, I could NOT settle on one cake topper. Leading up to the day of the cake smash, I made so many cake toppers and I had no idea which one I was going to use. Here is a quick peek at a couple of toppers I made for Colin:

Little Man Cake toppersRidiculous right?! Anyhow, my husband helped me pick the topper we ended up using. We chose the blue "Little man" cake topper with the top hat and bowtie. It is super cute but you'll notice I couldn't help but switching the cake topper half way through the cake smash. By the way, this adorable ombre cake was made by a local mamma at Get Cake Crazzy in Collingwood!

Let's Smash the Cake!

So in case you can't tell, Colin loves to eat. I thought that he was going to smash that cake in seconds but nope, he took more interest in the little blue balloon. He loved that balloon soooo much!

Little Man cake smash

So I decided to take the balloon from him so that he could focus all of his attention on the cake. As you can see, that didn't work:

Blue and Black first birthday cake Smash

So back he went and my husband got creative and decided to give him a taste:

Dad offering baby taste of cake

 Then it finally happened!  HE TOUCHED THE CAKE!!!!!

Baby touching cake

Then I switched cake toppers before the cake got completely destroyed:

Colin's Cake Smash

Then he threw the cake:

Baby throwing cake

But he never really ate the cake. I thought for sure I would get a pic with a face all covered in cake but not this time!

Do All Cake Smashes End in Tears?

Well this is the second cake smash photo shoot that I have ever done (the first with Annabelle of course!). And this is the second cake smash that ended in tears. My poor little man!  I'm not sure if it is all of the attention, the pressure to eat the cake, the teeth that are coming in, the proximity to nap time, or all of the above. 

Baby cries after cake smash

But I can't complain

This mamma can't complain because this means that the cake smash really ends with some mommy snuggles. Here we are, no filters, no edits, just a mamma and her little man on his 1st birthday. 
Mom and baby snuggle after cake smash

Well that's it for today friends. I promise I will share the behind the scenes of his cake smash in case you want to give it a go yourself!  I will share some tips and tricks for a DIY cake smash. 

Until next time sweets!


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