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Rescue Dog Christmas Tree Ornament Gift

This year, when you trim the tree make sure you include the gentle soul that helped rescue your life in turn. This handcrafted wooden ornament was designed to honor all the rescue dogs and their mamas who make them smile with that classic question and a silhouetted paw print. We ask the question, “Who rescued who?” but deep down we know that we rescued each other and that our furry friends are truly angels in disguise. Celebrate them accordingly with their very own Christmas dog ornament featuring the following details:

  • Style: Wood ornament
  • Quote: “Who rescued who?
  • Measurements: 3.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Wood: Laser cut, engraved Baltic Birchwood (1/8th inch thick)

Bonus: 100% of the sales of this holiday ornament will benefit Rescue Foodie! 

Rescue Foodie is a Canadian organization committed to providing a constant supply of food to animal shelters, rescue organizations, and foster families across Ontario and Northern Ontario.

Go ahead and treat your pup to their very own Christmas ornament knowing you’ll be supporting other dogs in need. We believe that all dogs are deserving of love, good food, and belly rubs and we stand with you in dedication of getting these goals to all dogs one Christmas ornament at a time.

If you have any questions about your purchase please reach out to us as we are happy to help!

To learn more about Rescue Foodie, please visit their website 

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