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Scratch Tickets Stocking Stuffer for Kids Christmas

Look no further because you have found the perfect stocking stuffer! This gift idea ticks all the boxes: it’s small and sweet and can be easily tucked into all sizes of stockings for our little ones, and presents the opportunity to help your child create memories. This is not a gift which will be quickly cast off with the wrappings and ribbons, but will feel like it lasts throughout the year! Professionally designed by a mama, I have thought of everything to make sure these are perfect for you and your loved ones.

These scratch-off tickets are numbered, and come with a small legend included so you can select which scratch-off is being awarded at the time (you don’t want to plan a trip to the zoo in the middle off a blizzard, so be sure to choose camp out in the living room or craft day instead!).

You will receive:

  • Ten scratch off tickets numbered corresponding to the legend key
  • One legend key card which details each activity underneath the scratch-off heart
  • Cards will be tucked into a beautiful red velvet bag that is personalized with your little one's name.
  • Santa mug not included